High Cholesterol Medication – Should You Use Cholesterol Medicines For Heart Disease

Cholesterol medicines were once considered to be the gold standard for treating high cholesterol; a condition that many felt led to heart disease. New research into cholesterol has found that it is not the cholesterol that actually leads to heart disease.

What causes heart disease is the way in which our body responds to this by-product of our bodies. Cholesterol medicines that are designed to lower cholesterol may actually be doing you more harm than good.

What Is High Cholesterol Medication

Cholesterol medications such as statins, are often used to lower cholesterol in the body. The side effects of these medications, however, have been linked to congestive heart failure as well as cancer. As more studies are performed on cholesterol drugs, the dangers of statin drugs are becoming more apparent. One of the dangers is that low cholesterol can lead to cancer.

Contrary to what you may believe, cholesterol does not come from the foods that you eat but it is produced by your body. Cholesterol has been blamed for clogging up arteries and causing heart disease. Statin drugs work to lower the cholesterol that your body produces that affects the entire metabolic makeup of your body.

Statin drugs merely target the cholesterol and do not target heart disease. In fact, many in the medical community have observed how cholesterol medicine has actually increased muscle weakness in people who take them, including the heart, which is a muscle.

What Are Common Cholesterol Guidelines?

People who undergo cholesterol testing will submit to a blood test that will measure the amount of LDL and HDL cholesterol they have in their body. The general guideline for a healthy cholesterol level is below 200. Some people who take drugs to lower cholesterol will get very low readings.

However, this is not healthy for the body because it disturbs the metabolic makeup of the way that the body works. Cholesterol is produced by the body and is one of the necessary components in the digestive system. Low cholesterol can make someone vulnerable to disease of the digestive tract, including cancer.

What Is Best For Treating High Cholesterol?

Because of the potential of some serious side effects of statin drugs, as well as their ineffectiveness in helping with the underlying causes of heart disease, many people are looking for ways to control their cholesterol naturally. Natural products contain Omega 3 oils that not only help with cholesterol, but with cognitive and digestive functions as well.

Before you jump into getting a prescription for medication to treat high cholesterol, you should try to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol naturally. Even doctors will advise patients to try to lower their cholesterol naturally before they prescribe statin drugs as they know that they may lower the cholesterol to unhealthy levels as well as cause serious side effects.

By using a natural product, you can get the health benefits it offers and not incur the risk of negative side effects.

Instead of taking cholesterol medicines such as statins, that can actually increase your risk of heart disease and cancer, I strongly recommend that you try Cholest-Natural or Cardio-Klenz. Both of these will help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Because they are natural products they do not produce any negative side effects found in statin drugs.