Recognizing The Side Effects Of Statin Drugs

Statin drugs are among the most widely prescribed medications today and are used to lower cholesterol artificially despite the many side effects of statin drugs.

Many pharmaceutical companies are even suggesting that these drugs be available as over the counter medications to be given to children! This is because earlier, many people are just not aware of the side effects of statin drugs.

Statin Drugs Side Effects

Today, most doctors today are aware of the negative side effects of the statin drugs. These include muscle weakness, dizziness, digestive problems and even cancer. Some studies suggest that they can also lead to memory loss.

Statin drugs are used to lower cholesterol and are supposed to reduce the risk for heart disease. However, recent studies indicate that statin drugs may be contributory to congestive heart failure – which is heart disease. And the fact that the side effects of the drugs include muscle weakness should put anyone on high alert. The heart is a muscle.

How Statin Drugs Work

The statin myopathy lowers cholesterol that is produced naturally by the body. High cholesterol medication works in a way that reduces the amount of cholesterol your body produces.

This upsets the natural metabolism in the body and leads to the negative side effects. In addition to statins memory loss, new evidence supports the fact that the use of statin drugs can lead to cancer of the organs in the digestive system.

By artificially changing the metabolic system of your body, you are opening yourself up to a whole new host of problems that are worse than high cholesterol.

The side effects of the statin drugs are not just nuisance side effects, they can be life threatening.

What About Generic Statins?

The generic statin drugs side effects are just as bad as the name brand drugs as they work in the same way. Those who take generic drugs are usually looking for a way to save money. You can save even more money by taking a product such as Cardio-Klenz.

I have been recommending Cardio-Klenz to friends and relatives who want to not just reduce their cholesterol but want to do so in a healthy balanced way. Cardio-Klenz works to raise good cholesterol levels so that you have a balance in the cholesterol in your system.

Cardio-Klenz is natural and works to raise good cholesterol to balance the bad cholesterol. This is much better than just altering the metabolic function of your body so that it produces less cholesterol in an unnatural way.

Not only does Cardio-Klenz help you with cholesterol, but it also works to prevent heart disease. While statin drugs claim to prevent heart disease caused by high cholesterol, this is not true. The high cholesterol does not cause the heart disease – it is the way that the body is manufacturing cholesterol that leads to heart disease.

Avoid the dangers of statin drug side effects and use Cardio-Klenz for heart health. It will not only keep your cholesterol levels in check, it will also promote a healthy heart and body without any negative side effects.