Are Simvastatin Side Effects Harmful?

Simvastatin side effects are just as harmful as statin drugs side effects and include muscle weakness and pain, neuropathy, dizziness, heart failure and even cancer!

Many people who take these drugs think that they are getting a safer alternate to statin drugs and do not realize the negative consequences of the Simvastatin side effects.

What is Simvastatin medication?

Simvastatin medication works just like statin drugs to reduce the amount of cholesterol that the body produces.

Many people today are becoming aware of the dangers of the statin drugs and are looking for alternates as a way to lower their cholesterol. They are unaware of the Simvastatin problems that can occur.

Simvastatin Memory Loss

Many of those who take this drug experience Simvastatin memory loss. This is one of the negative side effects of the drugs. Because Simvastatin lowers the amount of cholesterol the body produces, it also lowers the good cholesterol such as the Omega acids that are so vital to a healthy memory.

Those who take natural products to allow good cholesterol to counteract bad cholesterol get a boost in memory as well as cognitive abilities. Omega 3 oils are included in the healthy alternates for Simvastatin drugs and can not only improve memory, but also work towards improving mood.

Simavastin Side Effects

Neuropathy, heart failure and cancer are three of the most prominent Simvastatin side effects. These alone should be enough to scare anyone from taking these drugs. While the drugs are prescribed to lower cholesterol to prevent heart disease, it is ironic that they can actually be a contributory factor towards heart failure. Because the drugs weaken the heart muscle, they lead to congestive heart failure.

Kidney failure as well as problems with the digestive system are also reported by those who take the Simvastatin drug. This is because the drugs work to alter the metabolic function of the digestive system by lowering the amount of cholesterol the body produces. This is hard on the organs in the digestive system that produce this component naturally.

When you tell your body not to do something it is designed to do, you are looking for trouble. Not only can this lead to failure of these organs, it can also lead to cancer as well. The side effects for the Simvastatin drugs are so troubling that most good doctors will recommend that you try to lower you cholesterol naturally before using any drugs in the statins family.

Reducing the Simvastatin Side Effects?

If you are worried about heart health, I suggest that you take Cardio-Klenz. This is an all natural product that will naturally balance out your good and bad cholesterol so that you not only maintain clean arteries, but also a healthy digestive system and improved cognitive abilities.

The enteric coating technology used by Cardio-Klenz safely releases ingredients like Nattokinase into the stomach helps prevent any gastronomical problems while it balances good cholesterol with the bad. Negative side effects of the drugs are offset by the CoQ10 that is included in the product as well.

If you have high cholesterol, borderline cholesterol or just want to stay healthy, you owe it to yourself to take Cardio-Klenz.