Take Lecithin Supplements To Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease

Lecithin supplements are an essential part of what is needed to ensure that your cholesterol levels remain steady. This is because they interfere with the absorption of cholesterol in the blood, thereby ensuring that a fair percentage of dietary cholesterol is kept in place.

What does Lecithin Do?

Lecithin occurs naturally in plant and animal tissues and is prominent in the yolk of eggs. It is classified as a phospholipid that has the ability to keep oils and fats in solution to ensure that they do not become solid.

Additionally, lecithin also ensures that the internal bodily tension is kept low, thereby ensuring the proper function of organs such as the lungs. Lecithin also ensures that gall stays in a liquid form, thereby preventing the formation of gall stones.

Can Lecithin Be Used For Cholesterol?

Indeed, lecithin can be used to combat cholesterol. It forms part of an enzyme called lecithin-cholesterol-acyl transferase that assists in the break down of cholesterol into its by-products. In simple terms, this means that lecithin lowers cholesterol.
Cholesterol is in fact needed by the body and that there are two types: HDL and LDL, or High-density Lipoprotein and Low-Density Lipoprotein. So how is it a good thing when licithin lowers the cholesterol within the blood?

Quite simply, it targets the LDL cholesterol – the cholesterol that has the potential to turn “bad” when damaged by free radicals and adhere to the lining of the artery wall. Together with HLD (that binds with LDL and returns it to the liver), lecithin helps eliminate the excess LDL in the blood.

Lecithin Supplements & Cholesterol

As mentioned before, lecithin is present in all animal and plant cells. However when using it for cholesterol purposes, lecithin supplements may be needed to ensure that the lecithin levels are adequate.

Research indicates that lecithin supplements at a dose of 1.8 grams a day is enough to keep cholesterol levels constant, thereby ensuring a minimized risk of conditions such as atherosclerosis developing. It therefore makes sense to use lecithin for cholesterol.

Other Health Benefits of Lecithin

Due to the chemical structure of lecithin, it is said to have an array of associated benefits within the human body.

Because of the electrical charges it carries at molecular level, lecithin acts as a powerful deterrent. It has the potential to help treat a variety of other conditions usually associated with cholesterol.

This can especially be noted with certain types of blood anemia caused due to an imbalance of cholesterol and other compounds. Because lecithin supplements help maintain cholesterol levels, there is a noted improvement, thereby helping red blood cells function normally again.

In addition, lecithin helps the lung alveoli maintain their shape – and therefore the shape of the entire lung – by alleviating surface tension.

Lecithin For The Family

To ensure that cholesterol levels are kept in place, especially in individuals over the age of 45, it is advisable to buy lecithin supplements and provide it as a part of the daily supplement intake. Currently there are no known side-effects or any adverse effects when taken in high doses.