Policosanol And Cholesterol: Are They Related?

Policosanol and cholesterol have been linked through various policosanol studies that indicate that this ingredient can be used to lower cholesterol naturally. A policosanol cholesterol complex supplement can be used to effectively lower cholesterol in the bloodstream.

What is a Policosanol Supplement?

You can find a policosanol supplement to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body naturally in health food stores as well as online. When you buy policosanol, you will want to be sure to get the most active ingredient.

Studies of policosanol and cholesterol indicate that the most potent form of this ingredient is that which is derived from sugar cane. If you are seeking a way to buy policosanol as a way to lower cholesterol, you should look for a supplement that contains policosanol from sugar cane.

What have Policosanol Studies Indicated Regarding Cholesterol Reduction?

There have been various policosanol and cholesterol studies performed throughout the world. These studies indicate that policosanol is effective at reducing cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Many people who are diagnosed with high cholesterol or even borderline cholesterol are advised to take statins. Statins are drugs such as Lipitor that lower the cholesterol in the blood stream. However, these drugs have negative side effects.

Because of the side effects in statins, many scientists are looking for a safer alternate to lowering cholesterol. Policosanol studies have shown high promise in this regard.

How to Buy Policosanol

You can buy policosanol easily over the counter at any pharmaceutical store. Because this is an organic product, you do not need a prescription to take a policosanol supplement.

When you are looking for a policosanol supplement, you should seek out one that will give you the best results. Studies indicate that policosanol derived from sugar cane is the most effective.

Policosanol and cholesterol have been the subject of many different studies since the policosanol supplement came on the market. The benefits of using policosanol supplements are that they are a natural and effective way to lower cholesterol.

How to take a Policosanol Supplement

The dosage that you require for policosanol supplements depends on the type of supplement that you take. When it comes to policosanol and cholesterol, you do not want to waste time or money in taking a supplement with limited potency.

It pays to take a policosanol supplement that has been derived from sugar cane as this will be more potent than other supplements that may get the policosanol from rice bran or beeswax. All research points to the fact that policosanol from sugar cane is the most potent.

Who has Studied Policosanol and Cholesterol?

There have been countless scientific studies on the effect of policosanol and cholesterol that have all reached the same conclusion. The most recent study was done in Bonn, Germany that indicated that policosanol is effective at lowering cholesterol.

Anyone who has high cholesterol should be aware of their condition and what they can do to fight it. While statins are the traditional treatment option, they are not without negative side effects.

Taking a policosanol supplement can naturally lower your cholesterol without incurring the negative side effects found in statin drugs such as Lipitor.