Recognizing Policosanol Side Effects

Policosanol side effects are very mild and do not effect everyone who takes this supplement to lower their cholesterol. A policosanol supplement is often the choice of someone who has high cholesterol but who does not want to risk the more serious side effects of cholesterol medication such as Lipitor.

Side Effects of Policosanol

The policosanol side effects include a dry mouth and, in some cases, an upset stomach. It is important to realize that the policosanol side effects only last when someone is just starting on the supplement.

When compared to the side effects of medications such as Lipitor, that actually cause liver damage when used in the long term, the side effects of policosanol are non-consequential.

Policosanol Research

There has been abundant policosanol research on this natural supplement that backs up the assertion that the policosanol supplement is effective at lowering cholesterol.

Recent policosanol research has proved that those who took the supplement experienced significant reduction in their cholesterol levels, especially when it was combined with a diet.

Taking the Policosanol Supplement

You can get the policosanol supplement in Cholest-Natural, an all natural supplement that is made by Xtend-Life. Because the policosanol supplement that is contained in Cholest-Natural is derived from sugar cane, it is considered to be the most potent of all supplements of this type.

High cholesterol is a serious condition that requires treatment. However, many people are worried about taking statins, the traditionally prescribed medications to treat high cholesterol, because of the negative side effects.

Taking a policosanol supplement is considered a safe alternative to cholesterol medication. You may experience a few policosanol side effects such as dry mouth and upset stomach, neither of which is serious or long lasting.