Why Taking A Policosanol Supplement Is Better Than Cholesterol Drugs

If you are looking for ways to lower cholesterol, you may want to consider a policosanol supplement. Policosanol supplements have been found to be very effective at lowering cholesterol.

Cholesterol Drugs versus Policosanol Supplements

If you go to your doctor and are diagnosed with high cholesterol as the result of a blood test, you will be most likely prescribed statins. Statins are drugs that have been traditionally given to lower cholesterol.

Someone with borderline cholesterol will be advised to watch their diet to try to lower their cholesterol themselves. The reason for this is that statins, such as Lipitor, can be harmful on the body if taken over a long period of time.

Cholesterol drugs have negative side effects, most notably to the liver. When taken during a long period of time, they can have an adverse affect on the liver as well as kidneys.

If you take a policosanol supplement, you do not have the potential for negative side effects. A policosanol supplement will not harm the liver or kidneys.

Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol lowering drugs are not the only ways to lower cholesterol, but they are the most prescribed. This is because they work quickly to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood stream.

High cholesterol is linked heavily to heart disease and can lead to heart attacks. Many people do not even know that they have high cholesterol. Many people succumb to a massive heart attack because of dangerous high cholesterol. Most people who suffer a massive heart attack die from this condition.

Eating a balanced diet is key when it comes to ways to lower cholesterol. When diet is used in conjunction with policosanol tablets, it can be just as effective at lowering high cholesterol as statins.

What about Policosanol Research?

Policosanol research has been very promising. There has been various policosanol research done to determine if this natural derivative is effective in reducing cholesterol.

Policosanol supplements are derived from various sources – the most effective being sugar cane. Other policosanol supplements are derived from beeswax as well as rice bran. They are also effective at lowering cholesterol, but not as much as that which is derived from sugar cane.

Policosanol tablets are available in health food stores as well as online. The amount of policosanol tablets that a person needs to take depends on the type of derivative of the policosanol ingredient. The most potent the policosanol, the lower the dosage of the policosanol supplement.

What is Cholest-Natural?

Cholest-Natural is a policosanol supplement that is derived from sugar cane. This supplement helps lower cholesterol without the negative side effects incurred by statins. I have recommended Cholest-Natural to people as a way to get them to reduce their cholesterol naturally and it works.

If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you should consider taking policosanol tablets as a way to reduce high cholesterol. This can be the right option for anyone who wants to reduce their cholesterol levels without risking the side effects associated with Lipitor and other statins.

You can buy Cholest-Natural, a policosanol supplement and also work with your diet as a way to naturally lower your cholesterol. This is a better way to lower your cholesterol than by using prescription drugs.