What Is Policosanol And How Is It Related to Cholesterol?

Do you know what is policosanol? Policosanol is an ingredient that is derived from various natural substances such as rice bran and sugar cane that is used in supplements to reduce cholesterol. Various scientific studies have indicated that policosanol is effective at reducing cholesterol.

There are various ways that policosanol can be derived from natural food products as well as different levels of the active ingredient. The most active has been found to be the policosanol that is derived from sugar cane.

How do you Lower your Cholesterol with Policosanol?

If you get a diagnosis of high cholesterol from your physician, chances are that you will be placed on some sort of medication for this condition. Medications, such as Lipitor, have negative side effects.

So how do you lower your cholesterol? Many people who try to lower their cholesterol naturally fail because they do not understand the importance of balancing the cholesterol in their diet. Most cholesterol in the bloodstream is produced by the liver, not by the foods that you eat.

Relation Between Policosanol and Cholesterol?

Policosanol is a natural byproduct that has been shown in policosanol studies, to lower cholesterol naturally. Policosanol research is very promising when it comes to lowering cholesterol.

The right policosanol dosage given depends upon the type of active ingredient in the supplement. The more potent the raw ingredient, the less is the policosanol dosage required. The most potent dosage is the policosanol from sugar cane.

Policosanol studies indicate that use of this supplement can lead to lowering levels of cholesterol in the blood. If you have high cholesterol it is advisable to get to know what is policosanol so that you can then take the necessary steps to maintain your cholesterol levels.

How to Get Policosanol

You can get policosanol in supplements that are meant to naturally lower the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. These supplements are sold in health food stores as well as online.

Cholest-Natural is one product that uses policosanol. This is a supplement created by Xtend-Life that has proven to be effective at reducing cholesterol without the use of drugs in a natural and safe manner.

There has been much policosanol research performed to study the impact of this product with regard to cholesterol. Conclusively, policosanol, such as that which is used in Cholest-Natural, has shown significant progress as a lipid lowering agent.

Policosanol studies have been performed by a variety of different medical research teams. The conclusion of a study done on policosanol at the University of Bonn in Germany stated that “Policosanol seems to be a very promising phytochemical alternative to classic lipid-lowering agents such as the statins and deserves further evaluation.”

How Safe is Policosanol?

Statins, the drugs that are traditionally prescribed to lower cholesterol, have a risk of side effects, including liver damage. There are many who feel that statins are over used and that negative side effects are minimized due to press put out by large pharmaceutical companies that produce the drug.

Policosanol, the key ingredient in Cholest-Natural, is not a chemical, but a natural and organic product. It does not have the risk of negative side effects as does the statin drugs and is considered a safer alternate to statin medications when lowering cholesterol levels.