Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels Naturally With Lipi-Rite Formula

We will consider why it is so important to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and explain what the xtend life lipi-rite formula can do for you if your cholesterol levels are currently too high. This is one of the highly effective xtend life supplements offered by this extremely well respected company.

Let’s take a look at Cholesterol and the problems high levels can cause you. During the course of the article we will touch on why the xtend-life natural cholesterol lowering formula can help anyone with cholesterol problems;

Does Lipi-Rite Really Work?What is Cholesterol?

This fatty substance is made naturally in your liver and other cells, and is also found in certain foods; dairy products, eggs and meat all being common sources.

Why do you need it?

Your body needs certain amounts of cholesterol to function correctly. Your cell walls, or membranes as they are known, need cholesterol in order to produce hormones, the D vitamin, and the acids which help you to digest fat. Your body only requires a limited amount of cholesterol, and if it has too much it can cause you serious health issues such as Heart disease.

If you do have high cholesterol it is in your interest to bring these levels back to normal, and when reading lipi-rite reviews you will find this supplement is the perfectly natural way to do this.

Xtend-Life are the company responsible for this formula and their xtend life cholest-natural ingredients are considered safe to use and highly effective. This company has established a global presence through the quality of their xtend-life natural products, and it is important to re-iterate that when you are considering cholesterol ‘solutions’ the answer to the question; is cholest-natural(lipi-rite) safe to use? Is a most definite YES for the vast majority of users.

Of course, as with any formula if you have any doubts you should read a wide range of xtend life cholest-natural reviews from the trade and consumers alike, and never hesitate to discuss any concerns with your doctor.

If you do have any general queries relating to information in xtend-life cholesterol reviews, the company not only has a comprehensive website, but it has global offices which include the USA and Canada, the Head office in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and the lipi-rite UK offices, but wherever you are in the world they are easily contactable, and if required you will get information as to where to buy cholest-natural, and what offers are available on-line.

Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

Types of cholesterol

It is important for you to understand the different types of cholesterol, and some of the reasons people suffer with high cholesterol levels.

The cholesterol in your body is attached to proteins as it journeys through your blood. This combination is known as a lipoprotein, and you have three types in your system. One type is classed as ‘good’ cholesterol, while the other two are classed as ‘bad’. You can also add Triglycerides which are carried in your blood.

Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) – This is‘bad’ cholesterol as it can likely cause a build-up of plaque on your artery walls.  The more your blood contains, the more you are at risk of heart problems.

High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) – This is ‘good’ cholesterol which helps your body to get rid of LDL. It is important for you to maintain a higher level of HDL, because it lowers your risk of heart problems.

Very Low Density Lipoproteins (VLDL) – This is another ‘baddie’ and is quite similar to LDL. Basically it contains lots of fat and very little protein.

Triglycerides – These are another kind of fat which are carried in your blood by VLDL. There is a link between high levels of Triglycerides and cardiovascular disease. These are caused by such things as excessive calorie, alcohol or sugar intake. Your body converts this excess into triglycerides and stores them in fat cells in your body.

So, if you have high levels of LDL or VLDL your cholesterol levels will be correspondingly high and a possible danger to your health. This is where Xtend life lipi-rite comes to your aid.

What is this supplement?

When reading the lipi-rite reviews you will find that this is seen as a safe supplement which will tackle your cholesterol problems in six ways. This is far more than many other supplements that target high cholesterol problems, the majority of these focus on  two or three factors at best. The reason this all-natural supplement is so effective is due to the xtend life cholest natural ingredients contained.

The six ways it will help you tackle your problem are by reducing the amount of cholesterol the body produces, and how much it absorbs in your gut. It works to minimize the circulation of blood fats, and helps to dissolve cholesterol particles. It is far from finished though; it also stops the hardening of cholesterol in your arteries, it helps to eliminate cholesterol carrying bile acid, and finally it reduces the amount of cholesterol which is oxidized.

This is obviously quite a lot to take in when you are understanding the benefits of such an effective supplement, so any questions you have can be directed to your local office, for example lipi-rite UK, or directly to head office where the customer service team will deal with your query in an efficient manner.

Suffice to say that this is a great natural supplement when it comes to balancing cholesterol levels.

What can cause your Cholesterol levels to rise and how to reduce such risks?

While there are a whole variety of factors here are just three that you can quickly do something about. The lipi-rite reviews that are available will list all of these and several more, and while using the xtend life lipi-rite formula will do you the power of good, you really can help yourself a great deal, particularly when you consider that it is the ‘usual suspects’ which top the list!


Too much saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet most certainly increase your cholesterol levels. If your diet is high in these, and you eat lots of ‘fatty’ foods you should reduce the amount consumed.

Excess Weight

This obviously goes hand in hand with your diet and exercise regimen (or lack of it!). Being overweight puts extra pressure on your heart in terms of how hard it must work to pump blood around your body. It can also increase your cholesterol levels.

It is extremely important that you do everything possible to reducing your weight. By doing so you will lower your LDL and the total amount of cholesterol inside of your body. It can also help increase your levels of good cholesterol.


Far too many of us are doing no exercise whatsoever. This will certainly impact on your cholesterol levels. When you understand that taking some form of physical exercise for just 30 minutes each day will do you the world of good, surely this is not asking too much? This can be gentle aerobics in the comfort of your own home, swimming, cycling or even brisk walks.

This excellent supplement will definitely help you, but you can also help yourself!

What will Lipi-Rite Do For me?

It is true that the xtend life cholest-natural ingredients are the best there is, but when you consider the steps you can take to help this formula it really is worth making the effort. Once again if you need some general advice on the formula do look at the lipi-rite UK, USA and Canada or other ‘local’ information bases, while anyone in New Zealand or Australia, or indeed anyone worldwide can contact their head office if they prefer.