Natural Cholesterol Remedies – Statin Alternatives – Drug Free And Effective

Cholesterol remedies have gained a lot of attention in recent years as its link between cholesterol and heart disease has become clearer. Many people have elevated cholesterol levels that need to be lowered in order to reduce the risk of them having a heart attack.

One class of drugs often prescribed for lowering cholesterol is statins. These medications have been linked to some nasty side effects, however. That is why we searched for natural cures for high cholesterol to use as statin alternatives.

Grapefruit – One of the Natural Cures for Cholesterol

For those with high cholesterol, natural remedies are often found in the grocery store. Grapefruit has been shown to be very effective in lowering LDL, bad cholesterol and is considered among the best natural cures for cholesterol. Its one drawback is the fructose (sugar) content, which can cause an exaggerated insulin reaction.

One study divided people into three groups. One group ate a red grapefruit each day, another, a white grapefruit, and the third no grapefruit. The group that ate the red grapefruit was found have the greatest reduction in triglycerides (fat) in their blood streams. The white grapefruit produces significant lowering of triglyceride levels as well, just not as much as the red.

Orange Juice- One of the Newer Remedies of High Cholesterol

One of the newer remedies for high cholesterol is the introduction of plant sterols into orange juice. While sterols have been used for years in products such as margarine with some success, their use in orange juice is questionable. Orange juice has a very high sugar content which can lead to a diabetic condition, making the situation worse instead of better.

Vegetable juices contain plant sterols naturally with less sugar. This makes them a better alternative to high fructose fruit juices.

Blueberries – Another Natural Cholesterol Remedy

A recent finding in the world of cholesterol remedies, blueberries contain the antioxidant compound pterostilbene, which shares many qualities with the cholesterol lowering antioxidant, resveratrol, which is found in grapes and wine. Blueberries have already been shown to have several other health benefits. But, use them in moderation because they are a fruit, and too many can lead to an overload of fructose.

Flower Power- Natural Cures for High Cholesterol

Some cholesterol natural remedies were around before we knew cholesterol was a problem. Certain cholesterol lowering herbs have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. An extract made from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa L has been used to treat high blood pressure and liver dysfunctions for many years. In a recent study using rats, it was shown to drastically reduce the LDL cholesterol in their blood streams.

Benefits of Natural Cures for High Cholesterol

All of the above mentioned products have something in common. All are natural remedies for high cholesterol that are quite effective without resorting to the potentially dangerous statin drugs. While side effects are minimal, most of these are fruits and contain high amounts of the simple sugar, fructose, which can cause a jump in insulin and eventually lead to diabetes if overdone.

The best cholesterol remedies that I have found for controlling cholesterol and reducing LDL, the bad cholesterol, is called Cholest-Natural. This product is made from all natural ingredients that have none of the side effects associated with statin class drugs. In addition, it does not contain fructose, therefore it won’t create a worse problem with blood sugar while it is doing its job.