How Can I Lower My Cholesterol And Why?

If you have just found out that you have high cholesterol, the first question that you are likely to ask is, “How can I lower my cholesterol the right way?”

Many people believe that cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease. The truth is cholesterol is not the only cause of heart disease or any other disease for that matter. Cholesterol can become lodged in tissues and when it becomes oxidized it can cause problems. When this happens it can cause chronic inflammation which is capable of injuring the lining of arteries.

It is possible for some good fats to become oxidized really easily however this doesn’t mean that they should be avoided all the time.

Is there such a Thing as Good and Bad Cholesterol?

Extensive clinical research shows that cholesterol is vital to every cell. Neither HDL nor LDL is actually cholesterol at all. In reality, both are lipoproteins.

HDL is also known as high density lipoprotein and LDL stands for low density protein. There really isn’t good or bad cholesterol. LDL and HDL are simply forms of proteins that are often referred to as cholesterol despite far from being just cholesterol.

It is the small dense LDL particles that can be problem makers. This is true because these particles are just small enough to be able to fit in between the lining of arteries. When these particles become oxidized or turn rancid then they can begin causing damage and even inflammation. I guess you could suggest there is good LDL and bad LDL if you really wanted to.

How can I Lower my Cholesterol?

If you are still asking yourself, “How can I lower my cholesterol?”, then this article is for you.

While it is commonly believed that the amount of cholesterol that one takes in is an important factor in determining that individual’s cholesterol levels, it is quiet the opposite. The amount of cholesterol taken in plays a small part in determining an individual’s cholesterol levels.

The truth is that most of the cholesterol in your bloodstream really originates from your liver as it manufactures and distributes it. HDL cholesterol is often referred to as good cholesterol because is it capable of keeping cholesterol away from tissues and arteries while it travels back to the liver. This is why some individuals think it is a good idea to increase good cholesterol.

What should I do to help Balance my Cholesterol Levels?

Before trying to balance out your cholesterol levels, you’ll want to take a cholesterol blood test to determine what your current cholesterol levels are. If they are high then you’ll find yourself asking how can I lower my cholesterol? Well, a good way to start is to develop and follow a cholesterol reducing diet.

While cholesterol is good and necessary for your health, it isn’t a good idea to have high cholesterol levels. Everything should balance itself out. You may need to reduce high cholesterol by avoiding foods that contain trans fats and refined sugars. It is best for your overall health to stick to a low cholesterol diet that comprises almost 90% of whole, unprocessed foods.

There are some natural options to help reduce your cholesterol such as Cholest-Natural. Cholest-Natural is capable of lowering your LDL cholesterol while increasing your HDL cholesterol. It will also help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Cholest-Natural provides benefits for the entire cardiovascular system. Cardio-Klenz is a good natural way to give your arteries and veins a good spring cleaning. It is able to help break down plague that is found in the arteries and help dispose of it. I have used both Cholest-Natural and Cardio-Klenz and I recommend both as they are excellent products to help with your cholesterol problems.