Understanding And Controlling Cholestrol Levels

If you ask any doctor they will tell you that cholestrol levels need to be balanced. Having levels that are too high can cause problem for you and your body. This article will provide information that should allow you to keep your cholesterol in the body at the optimum recommended level.

All About Cholesterol Levels

Individuals who are twenty years and older should have their cholesterol levels measured once every five years. Your levels are measured by using a sample of your blood. A sample of your blood can be taken quickly and easily.

After your levels have been tested you will be made aware of the number of milligrams of cholesterol that is found within a deciliter of your blood. The normal amount of cholesterol that you should have in your blood should be up to one hundred ninety nine milligrams per deciliter.

It is normal to have up to one hundred and twenty nine milligrams of LDL cholesterol in a deciliter of your blood. You should have at least thirty five milligrams of HDL cholesterol in a deciliter of your blood.

These are the normal recommended cholesterol levels although some authorities recommend that it is better if you have a lower average cholestrol level than mentioned above. However, it is strongly advisable that you follow the cholesterol level scale above because lower levels can lead to health issues.

What you need to know about HDL and LDL Cholestrol Levels

First and foremost, you’ll need to understand what HDL and LDL cholesterol is. LDL cholesterol is referred to bad cholesterol while HDL cholesterol is known as good cholesterol. When you get a test done you should be given your LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglyceride level, and your total cholesterol. Tests that only provide your total cholesterol level is not as reliable as a test that provides all of the things mentioned above.

Your HDL to LDL cholesterol levels ratio is actually more important than your total cholesterol level. Individuals who have high cholesterol levels but good HDL or LDL cholesterol ratios and good triglyceride levels might not be at as much of a risk as individuals with a low total cholesterol count and high triglyceride count.

What to know about LDL cholesterol

First and foremost, you should know that LDL cholesterol can be calculated theoretically using a LDL cholesterol calc. LDL cholesterol is often referred to as the bad form of cholesterol.

LDLs, also known as low density lipoproteins, often attach to a wall of arteries and eventually create plaque. Over a period of time the plaque and build and block your arteries. This can eventually result in a heart attack. They can also block your brain capillaries causing your brain to become deprived of oxygen which can eventually lead to a stroke.

It can be difficult to determine a good cholesterol level for LDL. The needed cholesterol range is almost always estimated using a formula with the levels of HDL and triglycerides. Therefore, this measurement can sometimes be misleading.

If you are having a hard time controlling your cholesterol levels then I highly recommend using Cholest-Natural. Cholest-Natural is an all natural product that is highly effective for slowing down your body’s cholesterol production and bringing down your cholestrol levels. It also helps increase your blood fats excretion and helps lower your risk of having heart disease.

Natural Cholesterol Remedies – Statin Alternatives – Drug Free And Effective

Cholesterol remedies have gained a lot of attention in recent years as its link between cholesterol and heart disease has become clearer. Many people have elevated cholesterol levels that need to be lowered in order to reduce the risk of them having a heart attack.

One class of drugs often prescribed for lowering cholesterol is statins. These medications have been linked to some nasty side effects, however. That is why we searched for natural cures for high cholesterol to use as statin alternatives.

Grapefruit – One of the Natural Cures for Cholesterol

For those with high cholesterol, natural remedies are often found in the grocery store. Grapefruit has been shown to be very effective in lowering LDL, bad cholesterol and is considered among the best natural cures for cholesterol. Its one drawback is the fructose (sugar) content, which can cause an exaggerated insulin reaction.

One study divided people into three groups. One group ate a red grapefruit each day, another, a white grapefruit, and the third no grapefruit. The group that ate the red grapefruit was found have the greatest reduction in triglycerides (fat) in their blood streams. The white grapefruit produces significant lowering of triglyceride levels as well, just not as much as the red.

Orange Juice- One of the Newer Remedies of High Cholesterol

One of the newer remedies for high cholesterol is the introduction of plant sterols into orange juice. While sterols have been used for years in products such as margarine with some success, their use in orange juice is questionable. Orange juice has a very high sugar content which can lead to a diabetic condition, making the situation worse instead of better.

Vegetable juices contain plant sterols naturally with less sugar. This makes them a better alternative to high fructose fruit juices.

Blueberries – Another Natural Cholesterol Remedy

A recent finding in the world of cholesterol remedies, blueberries contain the antioxidant compound pterostilbene, which shares many qualities with the cholesterol lowering antioxidant, resveratrol, which is found in grapes and wine. Blueberries have already been shown to have several other health benefits. But, use them in moderation because they are a fruit, and too many can lead to an overload of fructose.

Flower Power- Natural Cures for High Cholesterol

Some cholesterol natural remedies were around before we knew cholesterol was a problem. Certain cholesterol lowering herbs have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. An extract made from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa L has been used to treat high blood pressure and liver dysfunctions for many years. In a recent study using rats, it was shown to drastically reduce the LDL cholesterol in their blood streams.

Benefits of Natural Cures for High Cholesterol

All of the above mentioned products have something in common. All are natural remedies for high cholesterol that are quite effective without resorting to the potentially dangerous statin drugs. While side effects are minimal, most of these are fruits and contain high amounts of the simple sugar, fructose, which can cause a jump in insulin and eventually lead to diabetes if overdone.

The best cholesterol remedies that I have found for controlling cholesterol and reducing LDL, the bad cholesterol, is called Cholest-Natural. This product is made from all natural ingredients that have none of the side effects associated with statin class drugs. In addition, it does not contain fructose, therefore it won’t create a worse problem with blood sugar while it is doing its job.

How Good Cholesterol Foods Help Lower Cholesterol

What is good cholesterol food? Many people who worry about their cholesterol and are seeking ways on how to lower high cholesterol look for good cholesterol food as a way to lower their bad cholesterol numbers.

Recognizing Foods High in Cholesterol

One of the first things that people will start to consider when they start dieting for cholesterol is how much cholesterol is contained in certain foods. Eggs are often considered the culprit because they are known to contain a high percentage of cholesterol.

But eggs are an excellent source of protein. It is important for anyone who is seeking to manage their cholesterol with their diet to realize that a healthy, balanced diet should be the goal, not giving up food high in cholesterol.

Some people give up eggs and other foods for high cholesterol. This is not the answer. It is important to have a healthy, balanced diet to maintain ideal cholesterol levels.

Studies indicate that there is no convincing evidence of intake of dietary cholesterol linked to heart disease from raised blood cholesterol.

Only 20 percent of the cholesterol in your system is produced by your diet. The majority of the cholesterol in your system is produced by your liver. This is why it is important to eat good cholesterol food to create a balance.

What are Ideal Cholesterol Levels?

The body produces both good and bad cholesterol that comprise cholesterol levels. Ideal cholesterol levels are below 200. Both good and bad cholesterol have to be taken into account when you are considering ideal cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol levels can be maintained by eating good cholesterol food that will balance out the cholesterol levels in the body. Foods for high cholesterol include natural foods such as whole grains that are part of a healthy diet.

What are Bad Cholesterol Foods?

Bad cholesterol foods include foods that are loaded with trans fats as well as hydrogenated fats found in deep fried or fast foods. These bad cholesterol foods are not necessary for a healthy diet and should be avoided.

Saturated fats from processed foods are more harmful to the blood cholesterol than cholesterol rich foods such as eggs, according to studies.

Eating foods for high cholesterol entails eating foods that can balance the cholesterol levels in the body. A healthy diet consists of foods contained in the food pyramid, including fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains.

People need to eat a healthy, balanced diet if they are to take control of their cholesterol problem and eliminate high cholesterol. Excluding food high in cholesterol is not the answer. Eating good cholesterol food, however, can help reduce bad cholesterol and comprise ideal cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Natural Cholesterol Supplements

We need some amount of cholesterol to live. Our bodies produce cholesterol on their own. In fact, our liver produces more cholesterol in our bodies than we derive from the foods we eat. Natural cholesterol supplements can help supply our bodies with good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol and create a balance.

I recommend taking Cholest-Natural as a natural way to balance healthy cholesterol in the system. Cholest-Natural is a supplement that is produced by Xtend-Life, a company that is devoted to producing all natural products to enable people to lower their cholesterol without drugs.

I have been recommending products like Cholest-Natural and Cardio-Klenz, another healthy supplement that lowers cholesterol naturally, to friends and family and they have met with much success. This is because the ingredients contained in these supplements have been proven to reduce bad cholesterol without the use of drugs that can have negative side effects.

To learn more about cholesterol and good cholesterol food, read “The Great Cholesterol Con” by Anthony Colpo.

Can You Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs?

Recognizing the inherent dangers of using drugs, most people would prefer to lower cholesterol without drugs. Chances are, if your cholesterol is considered high, your doctor will put you on a cholesterol reducing drug like Lipitor.

While some doctors advise you to lower cholesterol without drugs, most will fall back on the use of statin drugs that have a proven track record in reducing cholesterol. But what do you really know about these drugs?

An Overview Of Lipitor – Cholesterol Reducing Drug

The top cholesterol reducing drug is Lipitor, made by Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company. While this statin drug does work to reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the system, there are also side effects from the drug that many people feel are under reported.

It has been speculated that much of the positive press about Lipitor as a cholesterol reducing drug was generated by companies like Pfizer. According to researcher Dr. Beatrice Golomb, Pfizer earns $9 billion dollars a year from the sale of Lipitor.

Adverse Side Effects of Statin

Some of the statins side effects include damage to the liver and kidneys over a long period of time. Anyone taking statin drugs such as Lipitor needs to have their liver enzymes monitored closely by their physician.

Liver damage is one of the predominant side effects of taking statin drugs to reduce cholesterol, although these harmful effects are often underplayed by the pharmaceutical companies.

Looking For Statin Alternatives

If you have high cholesterol numbers, over 200, you should seek out statin alternatives when you are trying to figure out how to reduce cholesterol.

Many people will avoid foods that are high in cholesterol as a way to lower cholesterol without drugs. The trick is to eat a balanced, healthy diet.

Eating a balanced diet that includes some cholesterol reducing foods is preferable to taking statin drugs like Lipitor. Because most people do not understand the concept of how to lower cholesterol without drugs, they often get frustrated as they avoid foods loaded with cholesterol and still receive a report of high cholesterol numbers from the doctor.

How To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

We need both LDL and HDL cholesterol in our bodies for them to function properly. Yes -even the bad cholesterol is necessary. But when there is an abundance of bad cholesterol, this can cause an imbalance in the system and lead to heart disease, among other problems.

There are natural alternates to reduce cholesterol that work, without the side effects of statin drugs.

These include Policosanol, Lecithin, Theaflavins, Phytosterols, Rice Bran oil and Oryzanol to name a few. Clinical studies for these products have proven to be effective to reduce cholesterol.

A Good Alternative- Cholest-Natural

One product that I recommend for lowering cholesterol is Cholest-Natural. This is a natural product that is manufactured by Xtend-Life. The ingredients in Cholest Natural have been shown to lower cholesterol and bring about a balance in cholesterol levels.

The best thing about Cholest Natural is that it is a natural supplement that does not have the potential for negative side effects as the statin drugs. My friends and family with high cholesterol have had a lot of success in balancing their cholesterol with this product.

If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you owe it to yourself to try to reduce cholesterol naturally. By using a supplement such as Cholest-Natural, you can reduce the bad cholesterol in your system, seek a balance of your cholesterol numbers and not incur any of the negative side effects of cholesterol drugs.