Best Fish Oil Supplements: How to Find Them

At this day and age, you really cannot afford to spend your money on nonsense, so when it comes to fish oil, you just want to look for the best fish oil supplements out there. However, since there are so many brands to choose, it is easy to get pushed to taking something that is not worth your investment at all.

To avoid this scenario, take note of the following tips:

Know where to buy fish oil.

Fish oil supplements these days are basically everywhere; they are online and offline. Nevertheless, you should be careful where you are getting them. Only rely on the most trusted dealer, perhaps one that has never received any complaint from a user or who has been legitimate to carry the brand.

Opt for high potency fish oil.

You can better get your money’s worth when you are buying a fish oil concentrate. Based on the standards developed by International Fish Oil Standard organization, the best fish oil supplements should have at least 60 percent of DHA and EPA. Otherwise, you will be forced to take more fish oil, which may not be entirely good for the body, or you will not still be able to meet the requirement for omega-3 fatty acid.

Select pure fish oil.

“Pure fish oils” can be interpreted in different ways. For one, this would mean no presence of impurities, including toxic metals such as lead and mercury, as well as PCB. According to the IFOS, the fish oil should never have more than 50 percent of PCB.

The process used in creating these fish oil pills is known as molecular distillation. It tries to separate the metals from the oils through a very low temperature, thereby preventing oxidation to set in. Oxidation can alter the components of the fish oil, making them less effective.

Just a quick note, though. You may come across fish oil tablets that are labeled “pharmaceutical grade.” Do not immediately buy it. There is no such thing as pharmaceutical grade. Though we have mentioned about IFOS, there is still no definite and worldwide guidelines when it comes to manufacturing, testing, and determining the safety and effectiveness of the fish oils. IFOS is just an independent company with its own sets of rules or standards being followed.

Read up reviews.

It is true. You cannot trust everything you read in reviews, especially if they are generated by online users. You have to remember that persons can have different experiences, especially when it comes to supplements.

Nevertheless, you can still learn from them. You may also want to browse through latest studies and researches in relation to fish oils. Many experts are focusing their efforts in defining fish oils more effectively.

Select quality over price.

It is normal for users to purchase cheap oils, but you know what they say. You get what you deserve. The best oils are still those that are not too measly priced. The cost stands for the extensive labor, research, and procurement the manufacturer did to produce the fish oils.