Facts about Enteric Coated Fish Oil

If you are looking for information on fish oil you are likely to come across many manufacturers that claim to market enteric coated fish oil. While fish oil is a good way to get the omega 3 nutrients needed by the body, the efficacy of enteric coated fish oil is highly debatable. Do you really need to take enteric coated fish oil?

There are a number of ways to get omega 3 fats and nutrients and fish oil capsules are probably the easiest way. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are the most potent way to buy fish oil.

What is an Enteric Coated Supplement?

Enteric coated supplements are vitamin, mineral, or trace nutrient supplements that are highly concentrated forms of the nutrients coated with a compound to keep them from dissolving in the stomach and reacting with the stomach acid.

Often, very highly concentrated nutrients, such as pharmaceutical grade fish oils, are marketed in a capsule with an enteric coating. The sole purpose for the coating is to delay dissolving of the capsule until it is past the stomach.

Why is Enteric Coating Necessary for Supplements?

Supplements are intended to replace the nutrients that many people do not get from their diet. While many of these nutrients can be obtained from diet, which does not have an enteric coating, some are changed or neutralized by stomach acid, meaning the body does not get the full benefit from them.

There are even a few nutrients provided in supplements that are not found in the diet at all, but normally made within the body. These are often neutralized completely by stomach acid.

Why Enteric Coating is not Necessary for Fish Oil

Most manufacturers of dietary supplements who use pharmacy grade fish oil use an enteric coating on their capsules. This is actually an unnecessary process because fish oil is not harmed by contact with stomach acid. The reason it is used is to cover any sign of rancidness in the oil.

The coating will basically ensure that you will not taste the oil, even if you develop gas and belch the stomach contents. However, if the fish oil used is not rancid, this should not be a problem. Therefore enteric coating is not necessary with fish oil capsules.

My Recommendation for a Fish Oil Supplement

Personally, I prefer Omega 3/DHA Esters from Xtend-Life . The fish is sourced from the unpolluted waters of the Southern Ocean so I know what I am getting is pure and healthy. Furthermore, only one type of fish, the Hoki, is used as a source. This species of has naturally high levels of Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA, which is the beneficial ingredient in fish oils.

To purify the fish oil even more, it is processed using a method called vacuum molecular distillation and the processing is done a few minutes away from where the fish is brought ashore. This ensures that there is absolutely no deterioration of the fish at any stage.

By choosing to use Omega 3/DHA Esters from Xtend-Life I know I am getting a supplement that is pure and pollutant free. This ensures that I will get the full benefit of the nutrients in the supplements without risking my health by using a fish oil that has been got from fish sourced from unpolluted waters.