FAQs about Fish Oil Capsules

How do you take fish oil capsules? Why do you need to take them? These are just two of the many questions people have about this supplement. It’s time to find the right answers.

What are fish oil capsules?

Fish oil caps are those that contain fish oil. Fish oil has omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, which are considered to be essential by the body. They are necessary to keep certain vital organs in check.

You need to take them since the body doesn’t produce DHA and EPA. It has to get them from other external sources such as fish oil.

What are the benefits of fish oil pills?

There are absolutely plenty. Fish oil is good for the heart and brain. It’s well-known to prevent the signs or symptoms of joint pains, gout, and acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s ideal for babies since one-third of the baby’s brain should be DHA.

What’s the best source of fish oil?

If you can check the market, fish oil can sometimes refer to the cod liver fish oil. This is, however, not considered to be the most ideal since it contains a very large amount of vitamins A and D. If you have too much of these vitamins, they can be toxic.

The best options for fish oil are the freshwater ones, such as mackerel, salmon, and anchovies. One of the best so far is the krill. Krill are very small, not growing more than 6 centimeters. They live underneath the ocean and dine on planktons.

This is good news since fish can also be impure, courtesy of the toxic metals like lead and mercury dumped into the bodies of water.

Can I get omega-3 in flaxseed?

Yes, you can. Flaxseed contains ALA, which can be broken down by the body into DHA and EPA. However, there’s a problem. Most of the time the body doesn’t really produce enough DHA out of ALA. Just to make sure you can meet the desired requirements, it’s best to stick with fish oil.

What’s the condition in taking fish oil?

One of the things you need to remember about taking fish oil capsules is the fish oil recommended dosage. In general, you can take at least 300 mg of it every day. However, that depends on your general condition. For example, those with heart problems need to increase the dosage to around 900 mg, per the recommendation of the American Heart Association.

Just to be sure, you have to consult your physician on the best way to take these supplements.

You should also be wary of those that brand themselves as pharmaceutical grade. So far, there’s no known definite standard for fish oils.

What are the available versions of fish oil?

Most of the fish oil supplements are in fish oil softgels. They are also enteric coated, so they are better absorbed by the body.

Can you take fish oil with a vitamin?

Usually, you can. Again, though, you have to refer this question to your doctor for safety reasons.