Here Are the Ways in Getting the Ideal Fish Oil Supplements

As many people are becoming more aware—and alarmed—about their health, more have been using fish oil supplements. The truth is there’s really nothing wrong with that. In fact, you may actually enjoy quite a heap of benefits, which you will learn later.

However, it’s also recommended you know how to get the right fish oil supplements to avoid complications as well as to maximize their potential.

Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil is known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, comprised of DHA and EPA. DHA, for one, is highly needed for the proper development of the brain. When taken in right amounts, it can help reduce the level of cholesterol and protects your heart from cardiovascular disorders.

Types of Fish Oil

The fish oil used in the market is highly varied. One of the most common is the cod liver fish oil. As its name suggests, this oil is derived from the liver of the cod fish.

It is considered, however, to be of the lowest quality among the fish oil supplements because the liver is not exactly the cleanest part of any fish. Most of the detoxifying processes are performed there. It may then contain very high levels of pollutants, which can include mercury and lead.

Cod liver may also leave a very foul taste in the mouth or smell, which can cause temporary bad breath. Moreover, it has a lot of vitamins A and D. If you’re already taking other supplements with these vitamins, you may suffer from toxicity.

Then you have the concentrated fish oil, which is also known as health-grade fish oil. It is usually derived from freshwater fish such as salmon. Though this is a lot better than the cod liver fish oil, this is still not the best source for your supplement.

This kind of omega3 fish oil contains ethyl esters that have gone through fractional cooling. The process doesn’t still eliminate the presence of contaminants in the fish oil. It is also common for people who are taking this to experience bloating, belching, and expelling of gas.

The best so far is the molecularly distilled fish oil. In the process of molecular distillation, the different components of the fish oil are separated in a vacuum even at low temperatures. This ensures that the fish oil doesn’t contain any of the toxic metals mentioned. Moreover, the process allows the manufacturer to come up with a fish oil free from oxidation, which can greatly reduce the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the supplement.

How to Buy One

Read fish oil reviews. You can already find plenty of them online. Nevertheless, be careful of fish oil capsules that promote themselves as “pharmaceutical grade fish oil.” In truth, there are still no standards or guidelines in evaluating fish oils. Thus, these companies cannot make such claims.

Stay away from supplements that are sold in very cheap price. Usually, those that are highly affordable are of very low quality. They have not been refined to the fullest and thus may contain a huge amount of pollutants.